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a song of ice and fire, academics, aikido, alastair reynolds, anime, araki hirofumi, archery, art, asian culture, asian movies, astronomy, ayumi hamasaki, babylon 5, bdsm, beading, beethoven, bond, book collecting, book reviews, books, burn notice, callum keith rennie, cats, chasm city, chocolate, comics, conceptual art, cons, constructive criticism, corambis, cosplay, dangerous liaisons, doctrine of labyrinths, dragons, drawing, due south, e. s. posthumus, e.s. posthumus, editing, editors, ellen kushner, ender's game, english, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, firefly, fountain pens, george r r martin, george r.r. martin, go, good manners, graphics, hakama, hellsing, hikaru no go, horatio hornblower, howl's moving castle, j-pop, jack/daniel, japan, japanese, john simm, journals, keiko matsui, kimono, kirk/spock, knitting, koda kumi, kung fu, la femme nikita, languages, letters, life, literary criticism, literature, manga, martial arts, master and commander, matsuri akino, meditation, melusine, merlin, monk, monster, movies, mulan, muse, namie amuro, naoki urasawa, neil gaiman, north and south, novels, oscar wilde, penpals, pet shop of horrors, peter s. beagle, photoshop, piano, pirates of the caribbean, psych, publishing, quantum leap, reading, rob dougan, rome, rp, sarah monette, science fiction, sf conventions, sharpe, sherlock holmes, shirota yuu, sketching, slash, spanish, speculative fiction, spirituality, spock, spock/mccoy, star trek, stargate, steampunk, suzuki hiroki, takumi saitoh, tarot, tea, teapots, terry pratchett, the dresden files, the emperor's new groove, the last unicorn, the picture of dorian gray, the tao of pooh, the virtu, v for vendetta, vanessa mae, victorian literature, world of warcraft, writing, yaoi, zukki
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